Are you and your partner in crime thinking about moving in together in 2016? You basically live and die in each other’s pockets already. What would change if you sealed the deal and became house-mates as well?

Living with your BFF might not be as effortless as hanging out with her.

Have you ever heard the old adage that you don’t really know someone until you live with them? Like it or not, from move-in day on you will be bombarded with your BFF-turned-roommate’s habits, and she with yours.

Her Bad Habits:

Her bad habits and daily negligence, like piling filthy dishes and coffee granules in cold, murky dishwater or using your GHD and leaving it on all night, are going to rub you up the wrong way and it’s only a matter of time before they will start to make your blood boil if you don’t address them.

And Yours..?

You also have to take some time out to reflect on your own bad habits and how they might be bristling her hairbrush. How many times have you forgotten to buy toilet paper now? Did you ask if you could borrow that Mac lipstick which you lost on Tuesday night at Fiction? Whose jar of Nutella was it that you ate in one sitting when you got home from the party and binged like an animal?

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What about the ‘Bro-Code’?

If you’re a guy and your bromance takes a turn for the worse after moving in with your best friend, the same give and take applies. Leaving dirty laundry all over the landing is considered inconsiderate, especially when guests come over; and hogging the TV for a weekend Xbox marathon, when the Premier League Finals screen once a year, is just plain selfish.

Communication is Key

It doesn’t have to be like this forever and in fact, taking initial steps to put boundaries into place from day one could ensure the success of your home environment and the longevity of your friendship.

This is because moving in with your BFF gives you a head start on communication. You already know each other really well so the first conversation about your living situation should be easy to initiate and natural to navigate.

Try raising a couple of these questions when you sit down to your first meal in the house together:

  • Will you borrow each other’s clothes? Should you ask permission first out of respect?
  • Communal groceries? Out-of-bounds items?
  • What’s the best cleaning schedule to halve the load?
  • What’s the deal with visitors? Boyfriends sleeping over?
  • What will the cues for ‘alone time’ and ‘time-out’ be when the space gets too crowded for the two of you?

Another Solution!

Park Central Lifestyle has another solution. Our new residences, Toplin House and Kruskal House are opening in 2016 and provides single and double rooms, communal kitchen space, laundry facilities and large social areas for chilling out in between study hours.

Always wanted to live with your bestie but not sure that your friendship would survive it?

Fear no more! Park Central Lifestyle’s 2016 residence is the perfect opportunity to coexist in BFF harmony.

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